Compliance Suite

An Innovative Transaction Monitoring, KYC Screening and Risk Scoring Platform

Compliance Suite is an innovative tool that revolutionizes your organization’s due diligence and compliance approach. It streamlines risk management processes with features like custom risk scoring, integrated communication, and automated workflows. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it ensures a seamless, efficient, and comprehensive approach to compliance management.

ComplyMonitor, an integral component of Compliance Suite, is a dedicated transaction monitoring and compliance solution tailored explicitly for regulated industries. It provides a unified platform for real-time monitoring, investigation, and management of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) cases, ensuring optimal compliance and minimizing operational risks. Together, Compliance Suite and ComplyMonitor form an unparalleled duo in risk management and compliance.

Compliance Suite at a Glance:

    Compliance Suite is a comprehensive solution designed to revolutionize your organization's approach to due diligence and compliance processes. This all-inclusive suite is suitable for businesses of all sizes, aiming to simplify and streamline risk management. Compliance Suite is characterized by its adaptability and scalability, ensuring it can meet the needs of your organization as it grows and evolves. It is designed to not only reduce costs and enhance efficiency but also to ensure regulatory compliance, providing complete peace of mind for your organization.

Key Features:

  • Custom Risk Scoring
  • Integrated Communication Capabilities
  • Unique identification feature
  • Seamless API Integration
  • Visual Dashboard
  • Automated Workflows
  • Biometric Facial Recognition
  • AML Dashboard and Reporting
  • Dynamic Configuration
  • Automated alerts and reviews


ComplyMonitor, an integral component of the Compliance Suite, is an advanced transaction monitoring and compliance solution designed specifically for regulated industries. It provides a single platform for organizations to monitor, investigate, and respond to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) cases.

ComplyMonitor uses real-time or scheduled automatic detection of suspicious behavior, effectively reducing false positives. It offers a fully risk-based approach, allowing businesses to avoid disrupting legitimate customers, detect potential criminal activities, and maintain full ongoing compliance.

Key features include instant notifications, customer segmentation, customizable workflows, and a behavioral analytics application. ComplyMonitor offers an extensive audit trail on both customer and system levels, ensuring complete transparency and accountability in all transactions.

In conclusion, the combination of Compliance Suite and ComplyMonitor offers a robust, comprehensive solution to manage your organization’s due diligence and risk management processes. This duo allows your organization to stay on top of regulatory requirements, boost efficiency, and manage risks effectively, ensuring a smooth, seamless operation.


  • Custom Risk Scoring: By allowing organizations to customize risk categories according to internal policies and regulatory requirements, Compliance Suite eliminates subjective assessments and inherent biases during the onboarding process. This results in more accurate, fair, and objective risk evaluation, ultimately bolstering the credibility of your compliance processes.
  • Integrated Communication Capabilities: Compliance Suite's built-in communication engine facilitates real-time chat, audio, and video calls with clients. This encourages better customer engagement and enriches the due diligence process, fostering stronger customer relationships and improving overall customer experience.
  • Uniqueness Identification Feature: The product's proprietary identification algorithm can detect multiple identities, passports, or ID documents. This feature reduces the risk of overlooked or duplicate entries, ensuring thorough coverage and enhancing data integrity.
  • Seamless API Integration: Compatibility with any Screening Service of your choice through API calls makes the Compliance Suite a powerhouse of automation. This feature eliminates data duplication, improves operational efficiency, and reduces the potential for human error.s
  • Visual Organigram: This function provides insights into complex relationships across applications and roles, helping to detect anomalous behavior and capitalize on profitable connections. As a result, it contributes to enhanced decision-making and risk management.
  • Automated Workflows: By providing a configurable workflow engine, Compliance Suite standardizes internal processes and creates consistent, auditable traceability. This ensures procedural consistency and offers a clear audit trail, which is crucial for regulatory compliance and internal review.
  • Biometric Facial Recognition: A built-in biometric facial recognition tool verifies identities against images from submitted documents, adding an extra layer of security to the due diligence process. This ensures that your organization maintains the highest levels of security and fraud prevention.
  • AML Dashboard and Reporting: The AML Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of risk across all entities. With its customizable widgets and multitude of regulatory and industry-specific reports, it provides granular details and thorough insights, aiding in the effective management of risk.
  • Dynamic Configuration: Compliance Suite adapts in real-time to shifting due diligence processes, based on changes in market trends, regulatory requirements, and internal policies. This dynamic adaptability ensures your organization stays ahead of the curve in this fast-paced business environment.
  • Automated Alerts & Reviews: The Compliance Suite tracks vital changes, providing immediate alerts for document expiry, application reviews, and screening alerts. This proactive alert system keeps your organization informed and responsive, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.