AI-Powered Identity Verification for any Industry

  • Instant Onboarding
  • Fraud Detection
  • Age Verification
  • AML Compliance

ID/Passport Authentication

Your automated ID document authentication solution

Our ID/Passport Authentication service enables you to verify whether any national or international travel or identification document provided by your clients is forged or modified.
The solution allows you to promote your KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance, enhance your AML and screening procedures as well as your fraud prevention strategies through the capture, classification, authentication and conversion of passports and other travel documents into workable digital records.
Verify any global document in 3 Simple Steps: 

  • Take a photo of the ID
  • Take a video selfie
  • Get Approval

Automate the verification process via API

End-to-End Verification Modules include:

  • Active Liveness
  • Video Verification
  • Selfie Match
  • ID Validity Check
  • Document OCR